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Seed Savers Exchange                                         Iowa

Adaptive Seeds                                                       Sweet Home, Oregon

Artisan Seeds                                                           Sunol, CA

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds                             Missouri and Petaluma, CA

Deep Harvest Farm                                                 Freeland, WA

Fedco Seeds                                                              Maine

Fertile Valley Seeds/Carol Deppe                     Corvalis, Oregon

High Mowing Seeds                                                Vermont

Hudson Valley Seed Company                           Accord, New York

Johnny’s Selected Seeds                                      Maine

Kitazawa Seed Company                                      Oakland, CA

Living Seed Company                                            Point Reyes Station, CA

Native Seeds/SEARCH                                           Arizona

Nichols Garden Nursery                                       Albany,Oregon

Open Circle Seeds                                                   Potter Valley, CA

Peace Seeds/Alan Kapuler                                  Corvalis, Oregon

Quail Seeds                                                               Willits, CA

Redwood City Seed Company                           Redwood City, CA

Redwood Seeds                                                       Manton, CA

Sand Hill Preservation Center                            Iowa

Siskiyou Seeds                                                          Williams, Oregon

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange                  Virginia

Sundial Seed Company                                         Willits, CA

Sustainable Seed Company                                Chico, CA

Territorial Seeds                                                      Cottage Grove, Oregon

Turtle Tree                                                                  Copake, New York

Uprising Seeds                                                         Bellingham, Washington

Victory Seeds                                                            Molalla, Oregon

Wild Boar Farms                                                      Napa Valley, CA

Wild Garden Seed                                                   Philomath, Oregon


To my knowledge, the companies listed above do NOT produce or sell any genetically modified seed. If you have information that proves otherwise, please contact me. Many, if not all, have signed the Safe Seed Pledge.

If you would like to recommend a seed company that sells sustainably produced, open pollinated, non-patented seed, preferably organic or biodynamic, please contact me.

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